Parent’s Night Out

Parent's Night Out

Parent’s Night Out is one of the most popular and longest running events here at Peak! Parent’s Night Out occurs every other week, depending on the different activities happening within the gym surrounding our cheer, dance and gymnastics programs. It is four, fun-filled hours of free time in the gym, games and other healthy activities.

Our PNO program provides parents the perfect opportunity to get away while knowing their children are safe, active and having a blast! Peak staffs the even so there are coaches supervising the children at all times of the night, and makes sure they are positioned at each section of the gym to provide instruction, directions and interact with the kids. After most of the children have arrived, coaches will go over some rules and have the kids do a quick stretching session to get their bodies limber and ready for more safe play. Then, the coaches will lead the kids in a fun game, like Red Light Green Light, Sharks and Minos, or Ships and Sailors.

Once warmed up, the event will start with free time in the gym. Peak has a full spring cheer floor, five additional spring floor panels, a full sized gymnastics floor, a tumble track, a rod floor, two in-ground trampolines and two pit areas. The kids will get to run around, using all of the equipment Peak has to offer (minus the bars and the beams due to safety restrictions). They can use all the mats to build forts with their friends, or make an obstacle course challenge. They can take turns jumping on the trampoline, jumping into the pit and even using the long ropes over the pit to swing on and climb up.

After free time, the kids are served a delicious pizza dinner, which is included in the price of Parents Night Out. If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities, they can bring their own meal and eat it along with the others. Often times, the coaches will play part of a movie for the kids to watch while they eat, to keep them calm and engaged.

After dinner, the coaches will turn off the gym lights and the kids will play hide and go seek. The kids have so much fun with this activity because they can hide in any area of the gym (safety permitting)! Alongside being creative, this allows the kids a moment to lay down and relax after an already full evening of running, jumping, laughing and pizza!

Finally, the athletes will help the coaches clean up the gym. It is an easy process, and Peak believes it is good for children to learn responsibility at a young age, even if it starts with picking up a mess made during a fun-fill evening! The night will finish out with more free time on the tumble track, trampolines and pit.

The night begins at 6:00pm and children can be picked up anytime before 10:00pm.

To reserve your spot at the next Parents Night out, call Member Services at 303-797-8082

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