Field Trips

Field Trips

Field Trips at Peak Athletics are a great fit for schools and other organizations (home school groups, days cares) looking for a wonderful place to have their participants be engaged, active and learning in a safe and fun environment!

IMG_3658During a field trip at Peak, participants will be divided into smaller groups by age and led through timed rotations by our highly qualified Instructors and coaches. Being in smaller groups allows for instruction to be more individualized, and for each participant to receive more time using each station.Our field trip participants will change stations and activities frequently to ensure that students will not get bored and will keep learning during their time in the gym. Participants will get to experience exciting and physically challenging events and activities such as: bars, beam, tumble track, trampolines, foam pits, obstacle courses, tumbling, parachute games and more! All of these activities will ensure that they will get some exercise while having fun!

Since many of the participants will be new to our equipment, there will be instruction over basic skills. On the bars, for example, they might go over skills like holding yourself up (called a Front Support) and swinging off of the bar safely. If the participant is at a tumbling stations, the instructors will take the group through the basic tumbling skills in an engaging and fun way. Some basic tumbling skills that our participants may learn are handstands, forward rolls, cartwheels and round-offs. These skills will be taught slowly by knowledgeable and experienced coaches to help participants who are new to tumbling.

Does your child love to play games? We love to include games integrated in to our stations to help make learning fun! For example, the instructors might have the participants build up a wall of pit blocks at the end of the tumble track and see who can jump over it. Not only are they having fun trying to get the blocks to balance on each other, but they are learning to run and punch off of their toes, which is a skill that can be applied in cheerleading, gymnastics and dance!

IMG_2251Does you child already have experience in Cheerleading, Gymnastics or Dance? Great! All participants will also be given time to practice skills that they already know. Peak’s coaches and instructors come from all three areas of discipline here at Peak- cheer, dance, and gymnastics. They know how to guide athletes through fun rotations on the equipment while keeping them safe. They want to ensure that participants leave feeling confident in the new skills they have learned while on their field trip. Most of our coaches also coach different teams and/or classes throughout the week, and we try to have coaches from all three disciplines present at our field trips to diversify the skills we can teach each group. It is our hope that every member of the group will learn something new and enjoy their field trip at Peak!

Field Trip participants must be within the age range of 5-12 years. Each field trip is an hour and a half long, and the coaches will split this time evenly between the designated stations for each group. The cost per participant depends on the size of the group attending. Registration and Waiver Forms are individualized to your specific event and will be sent via email prior to the scheduled field trip date. All participants must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian in order to participate.

For more information, feel free to contact our Camp and Field Trip Coordinator, Jenn Rogers, at or 303.797.8082.

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