XCEL Competitive Gymnastics Teams

XCEL Competitive Gymnastics Teams

XCEL Team Gymnastics
The Xcel program was established when several Colorado gymnastics coaches noticed that many talented USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic gymnasts were dropping out due to the extensive and intense training of the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic programs. Many of these gymnasts participated in several other sports and simply could not meet the training obligations that were required of a USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic gymnast.  Peak believes that athletes should be able to explore many different areas of interest, without having to give something up. We believe that the participants in Xcel have an amazing opportunity to achieve goals in an environment that is in line with their vision of competitive gymnastics.
There are many benefits to the Xcel program, like multiple opportunities to develop lasting relationships with teammates and a competitive gymnastics experience at a very reasonable cost and time commitment.

Peak’s Xcel gymnasts compete in five regular season meets and must meet a minimum qualifying score during the regular season to qualify for the State Championships. Each athlete is expected to participate in all competitions. The Xcel competitive season in Colorado is typically January through June. We generally host an intrasquad meet in March, attend our first league meet in April, and conclude with the State Championships in May or June, depending on the year.

There are multiple levels within Peak’s Xcel Team program:

USA Gymnastics Silver
The skills needed to participate on Peak’s Silver USA Gymnastics team are: handstand flat back to mat stack, pullover, back hip circles, tap swings on bars, handstands, and leaps on beam and round-off back handsprings

USA Gymnastics Gold
The skills needed to participate on Peak’s Gold Gymnastics team are: front handspring vault, kips, front hip circles, back hip circles, tap swings on bars, cartwheels, handstands, and leaps on beam, and round-off back handsprings, front handsprings, and dive rolls on floor. Along with this, an athlete must demonstrate the ability to preform: free hip circles, baby giants, and fly-a-ways on bars, back walkovers, handstands and turns on beam, and round-off back handspring back tuck and front tucks on floor.

USA Gymnastics Platinum and Diamond
The skills needed to participate on Peak’s Platinum and Diamond Gymnastics team are: round off entry vaults, release moves and pirouettes on bars, back handspring and layouts on beam, and double flipping and twisting on floor.

For more information on our Xcel Gymnastics teams, please contact Amanda Webb at awebb@PeakAthletics.net

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