PreTeam Gymnastics

PreTeam Gymnastics

Pre-Team Gymnastics
The Pre-Team Gymnastics program is for those girls who have the ability to train specifically for the team program at a young age. This gymnastics team for kids has a strong emphasis on basics and conditioning which allows for young gymnasts to make an easy transition to our Competitive gymnastics teams. These gymnastics teams are by evaluation/invitation only.  Pre-Team is a preparatory and accelerated gymnastic training option for athletes ages three and up with the purpose of preparing our younger gymnasts for many competitive opportunities. Here at Peak, we also have two very successful and competitive gymnastics teams. We have our XCEL gymnastics team and our USA Gymnastics Junior Olympics gymnastics team program. The program offers a very smooth transition into the competitive kids gymnastics team programs once the athlete has mastered all the necessary skills. Pre-Team class placement is primarily based on physical skill level, however, Peak also values class dynamics, and takes into account each athletes mental and social preparedness. The athletes will go through vigorous training, and needs to be able to get through it efficiently. We want our athletes to be mentally strong and confident, not only for gymnastics, but to excel in all areas of life.

One of the many benefits of Peak’s training program are our coaches with a background in competitive gymnastics. Some of the Pre-Team gymnastics coaches also coach our XCEL gymnastics team and our USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic kids gymnastics team. Our program provides the athletes with multiple opportunities to develop relationships with their teammates, while having fun on a kids gymnastics team. We have seen that kids gymnastics teams who have a stronger bond have athletes who preform better, as they know they have a whole team believing in them. Participating in Peak’s Pre-Team gymnastics program will  produce an athlete with mental preparedness for competition.

Gymnastics is a year-round sport and Peak’s Pre-Team practices run continuously throughout the year. We have found that in gymnastics, significant time off may result in skill loss or injury upon return. Each Athlete is expected to train a specified amount of hours at their designated training times while on this gymnastics team for kids. Training schedules remain consistent throughout the year, though occasionally classes are added to accommodate more athletes. Training schedules will be distributed along with the Team invitations through email.

There are 4 Levels within Peak’s Pre-Team program:

Sparklers (Beginning Pre-Team Class):
Sparklers is typically for athletes that are ages three to six. They practice one and a half hours per week, all in one class.

Firecrackers (Intermediate Pre-Team Class):
Firecrackers is typically for athletes that are ages five to eight. They practice for four hours per week, with two classes that are each two hours long.

Dynamites (Advanced Pre-Team Class):
Dynamites is typically for athletes that are ages six to nine. They practice for six hours per week, with three sessions that are two hours long each.

Team Prep (Advanced Pre-Team Class)
The Team Prep class is typically for athletes that are over nine years of age. They practice for four hours per week, with two sessions that are two hours each. The prep program is new to Peak this season, and we also have prep teams for both Dance and Gymnastics.

For more information on our PreTeam program, please contact Amy Clifford at

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