Power Barre

Power Barre


Power-Barre® was developed to help dancers become more aware of and strengthen the specific muscles needed to achieve a high level of proper dance technique. The muscles that create the “Dancers Esthetic” are uniquely important to the sport and art of Dance. These muscles are often hard to identify let alone strengthen. Power-Barre® uses a specific set of tools* to help isolate these muscles and focus on correct body placement enhancing injury prevention.


“We at Power-Barre firmly believe firmly believe that every physical discipline deserves its own strength and conditioning program.”


Miss Ingrid developed Power-Barre® as a way to keep up with the needs of today’s dancer. She has spent the last 50 years as a professional dancer/ choreographer /teacher. In that time, she has seen the dance world become more aggressive and competitive than ever.


“In today’s rush to achieve, Power-Barre® can help enhance the process by teaching a more direct understanding of dance technique while developing the correct muscles to achieve it. Dancers who sign up for the class will also need to purchase the Power-Barre® signature items. The class is based on these items but as a parent I am most excited that my dancer will have an opportunity to apply what she learned in class at home on her own time since she will have all the tools necessary to do so!”


Clinic Descriptions:


Classic Power-Barre®:

Classic Power-Barre® focuses on a muscle set that is specific to a dancer and the like. Perfect for all-star athletes, Top Girls and dancers. This Ballet based class begins with a classic barre with a twist. Every exercise is enhanced with signature Power-Barre® equipment to maximize results. If you want to up your game, this is the class!

Every Saturday 10:15-11:15 – At Peak Training Facility Studio 2


Flex/ Strength/ Conditioning Clinic:

Power-Barre® method focuses on a muscle set that is specific to our sport. Perfect for all-star athletes and dancers alike. This Cardio, strength and fitness class will be challenging while keeping the body lean, flexible, and strong, and enhancing injury prevention.

Every Tues. 5:00-6:00 and the last week of the month Sun. 3:30-4:30 –Peak Studio A


Leaps and Jumps:

Find your Power! Learn how to properly execute all of the basic jumps, leaps, and turning leaps. Achieve maximum height and body control for a memorable performance. You’ll learn about strength exercises for jumps, easy to incorporate into your daily dance schedule.


Ballet for Athletes:

Without exception, Ballet is the most important class a dancer can take! However, so much more should be considered. An athletic dancer benefits from a more aggressive approach to a ballet barre. Experience a whole new approach to Ballet and see the immediate difference it makes in your world of dance!



Discover the secrets to turning. One of the most difficult skills to teach! You will learn, step by step, how to become more consistent and successful in all turns and turn combinations. The “Break it Down®” method, developed by Ingrid, in nationally recognized with decades of success.



Come to the Bouteak and/or Break it Down Website:


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