Competitive Dance Teams

Competitive Dance Teams

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Elite Competitive Dance Teams

Peak Athletics’ Elite Competitive Dance Teams are the finest All Star Dance teams in the state of Colorado. Our dancers compete in both Pom and Hip Hop and have won multiple National Championships and have competed in the most prestigious competitions in the country. The Elite Dance Teams at Peak Athletics pride themselves on a tradition of strong technical training, combined with disciplined practices, a passion for dance, respect for the sport and each other, and a desire to have fun!

We are honored to have received At-Large, Partial-Paid and Full-Paid Bids to both The Dance Summit and The Dance Worlds. Peak Athletics’ Dance teams have earned bids to The Dance Summit every year since it was established. In the years that Peak Athletics has attended The Dance Worlds, we are honored to have made Finals in both Pom and Hip Hop.

Each Elite Dance Team is coached by Peak Athletics’ experienced and expert coaches. Here at Peak Athletics we pride ourselves on finding the best coaches in the industry, and have a reputation of an elite coaching staff who stay relevant in their fields. Our staff consistently participates in opportunities to expand their knowledge and stay current on trends and topics that affect their athletes. Our coaching staff is knowledgeable not only in strong coaching practices and dance technique across all styles, but also in sport psychology and strategies to help strong athletes get stronger and maximize their potential as athletes and young people.

The Elite Dance Teams practice multiple times per week. Along with their scheduled weekly team practices, these dancers are expected to attend a set schedule of dance classes that support the style and level at which their team is competing. Their weekly schedule includes working with a variety of technical coaches, in addition to their primary team coaches, in order to maximize their experience working with the best coaches Peak has to offer. In their competitive routines, choreographed by our in-house award-winning choreographers, dancers can expect fast-paced choreography, incorporating various elite, level-appropriate skills for each age and level.

Peak Athletics is currently home to eight Elite Competitive Dance Teams, including a team for athletes with Special Needs. Every athlete can find a home in our Elite Competitive Program, regardless of age, ability, or special needs. Here at Peak Athletics, our athletes respect each other, their coaches and their fellow competitors. We feel that it is important for our Elite Dance Teams to learn about the structure of organized athletics, both in the studio and at competitions, both at a local and national level. It is our hope that with this knowledge, the athletes will gain confidence, meet individual and team goals and always stand together as a Peak Family to perform their personal best.

For more information on our Elite Competitive Dance Teams, please do not hesitate to reach out to the Dance Director,  Nicole Landrum at NLANDRUM@PEAKATHLETICS.NET.

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