Competitive Prep Dance Teams

Competitive Prep Dance Teams


Competitive Prep Dance Teams

The Competitive Prep Program is one of the newest additions to the Peak family! We are proud to offer children ages 5-15 the opportunity to experience being a part of a competitive dance team through our Prep Program. For dancers looking for an alternative to our Elite Competitive Dance teams, our Prep program may be just the right fit!

The Prep teams compete in three to four local competitions alongside the Elite Competitive Dance teams, in the Prep divisions, and are judged by the same panel of judges. The prep season runs from August through March. An evaluation is required for each athlete to ensure that each dancer is placed on the right team corresponding with their age and ability. During the evaluation, they will be asked to preform basic pom and/or hip hop skills. Even if an athlete may not have all the basic skills at the time of their evaluation, they are still encouraged to proceed with an evaluation, as there will be numerous opportunities to advance one’s skills during the season.

The time commitment for practice is considerably less than the Elite Competitive Dance teams. Choreography might be taught at a slower pace, though the difficulty will still be level-appropriate. This program works well for kids who have a very busy schedule, or want to participate in many different sports at once. It is also the perfect place for a dancer who is on the fence about going competitive. The Prep program is an effective balance between rec dance and competitive dance and really provides the best of both worlds. It is only a slight increase of a time commitment than a rec class would be, however it gives the competitive aspect that some athletes are looking for. Being on a team, the athlete gets the opportunity to connect with other dancers and create friendships that will last a lifetime.  Peak’s Competitive Prep Dance program is designed for athletes who want to learn to dance in a team setting and perform in the community.

Dancers will learn pom motions, jumps, leaps, turns and beginning dance technique. Dance choreography will include pom, hip hop and jazz styles and elements. All teams will receive a full routine that they compete at local competitions, with difficulty being based off of the level of the team. While it is not required, dancers enrolled in the competitive prep program are welcome to take classes during the season to help build upon their current skills and improve the ones they already have. Peak offers classes on ballet, jazz, hip hop, leaps and turns, poms, dance tumbling  and a strength/flex class. To read more about our rec dances classes, please visit the page here and call member services at the number listed below for class schedules and to receive information on openings. If a dancer is interested, private lessons are also available through some of Peak’s experienced coaches. For more information on private lessons, rates and contact information please call member services at 303-797-8082.

For more information on the governing body for All Star Dance, please visit the USASF website at:

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